Battle Beetles: Invader Bugs Game Info

Battle Beetles: Invader Bugs

Insects fright back!

People had thought that they had finally driven away the annoying insects with poison, but far from it. That poison has caused incredible mutations and now the battle between insects and mankind begins...

In Battle Beetles: Invader Bugs you'll be the leader of a creepy-crawly army that is targeting people's houses. Their strongest weapon: they outnumber people!

Because they multiply pretty fast - even in the offline mode of the gaming app. This makes the insect fighting game an idle game.

Thus, a small swarm of wasps in its nest will soon grow into a huge army that takes over people's houses floor by floor. These are your tasks:

  • Collect insects
  • Develop certain strengths of the beetle warriors
  • Cause an evolution, to make them reach a higher level
  • Fuse insects, to make them even stronger

Then you can send the crawling battle squadrons into people's houses. Your army fights its way through each floor from below - if these insects outnumber humans, people don't stand a chance!

The characteristics of beetle & co.

  • Scary ant army: It is a swarm unit and boosts strength growth when this trait is low.
  • The defensive wasp warriors: They are a flight unit that gives you more capacity when they are in the top of the nest.
  • The martial cockchafer military: they form the armored unit and strengthen the capacity for all neighboring units in battle.
  • The fighting cockroach corps: This is also a swarm unit with bonus damage against lower rooms.
  • The gnarly beetle cadets: This insect is also an armored unit - it brings bonus damage against medium rooms.
  • The lurking dragonfly legion: As a flight unit, it increases capacity when there is no neighboring flight unit.
  • The fanatical fly fighters: This fly unit boosts growth for neighboring units in battle against humans.
  • The cruel grasshopper gang: It is a swarm unit that increases growth when without a neighboring swarm unit.
  • The morbid mosquito team: This swarm unit increases the capacity when it is in the middle part of the nest.
  • The marvelous moth mob: As a flying unit, these insects do bonus damage against upper spaces.
  • The scandalous scarab special unit: This armored unit increases capacity when it is in the lower part of the nest.
  • The shameless scorpion soldiers: Another armored unit, but it does bonus damage against upper rooms.
  • The deadly centipede squad: It is an armored unit that does bonus damage against upper spaces in battle.
  • The magnificent squadron of praying mantises: This flying unit increases capacity when it is in the lower part of the nest.

With these insect units you can attack and subjugate the cities of the people. Also remember that evolution makes the battle beetle even stronger!

Other special features of the game mechanics

In Battle Beetles: Invader Bugs you'll be able to fulfill special objectives in each level. This also means that some levels can be played multiple times or that you can return to a level later. Once you have played through the game, you can also start the story of the battle between humans and insects from the beginning. You'll keep all your progress, but the levels will be much more difficult.

You can also join a guild to chat with other players and complete quests together.

So, off you go to battle humanity - start the insect invasion!